Sonelle by Atticus

The power behind your website

Working hard in the background of your website is Sonelle; our powerful PHP back-office system that gets your business running seamlessly.


The power behind these sites

Sonelle by Atticus

What this means for you

Import your current data

Switching to our system and need to keep your current data? We can import your current data into our Sonelle system so that you can transition to your new and improved site with ease.

Content Management

Sonelle puts you in control of your content. Update your images, share your latest news, add new products, tables, CSS elements and videos at a time that suits you.

Customisable Dashboard

Our dashboard can be personalised to suit each member of your team. If you need to restrict access to data, no problem. Our backoffice can be set up with tiered access so each user only sees the information necessary for their job.

Enquiry Management

Sonelle provides you with a centralised way of viewing, managing and sorting your web enquiries. See exactly which pages of your site are generating the most traffic. Use the Sonelle diary to send alerts to your team and make sure every enquiry is followed up.

Order Management

Manage your orders easily with the Sonelle order management suite. Generate invoices, personalised customer notifications and order progress reports all from a single system.


For data reports on user activity, profitability, orders and enquiries use Sonelle’s comprehensive report generator. Personalise the system to see the data most important to your business.