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Automotive Websites

Here at Atticus we are specialists in Automotive websites. Our system has been specifically developed with the ability to incorporate CAP data and images.

Your bespoke website is coupled with our powerful Sonelle back-office system so that your business runs seamlessly from web enquiry to vehicle delivery.

Atticus Automotive Package

What this means for you

CAP and Vehicle data

The Sonelle platform is fully integrated with CAP data, allowing users to configure vehicles online, offer images, valuations, accurate vehicle pricing, standard specification and technical vehicles on all vehicles dating back to 1980.


Real time pricing

Vehicle pricing can be amended at the model range and individual vehicle level. Vehicle pricing can be set by percentage, cash support and option discounts. Vehicle specific messages can be set at the vehicle level allowing unique messages to be posted to the user about this vehicle.

Finance Calculators/Data

Sites can be configured to offer dynamic finance calculators from numerous finance funders. We also offer finance banding software allowing you to offer generic finance pricing for Contract Hire, Lease Purchase or Finance Purchase to be fielded to multiple funders.

Customer Relationship Management

All enquiries are tracked from the site into an advanced CRM. The CRM allows the customer to be managed via a sales person. Full tracking of customer integration is offered with milestones time-stamped and reportable.

Order Management

A full order management suite is offered within Sonelle allowing supplier invoices, customer notifications and progress reports to be generated. The vehicle and customer details are based into the order management suite dynamically minimising errors and duplication of work.

Form Control

Supplier, finance and customer forms can be generated for the order/sales progress. All forms are tagged with the correct logo and company details. With the installation of our partner module multiple company brandings can be run from a single Sonelle backoffice.


Reporting Suite

A full reporting suite is offered with the Sonelle back-office allowing you to track orders, enquiries, profitability per order or supplier, progress reports and user activity on the site.



Exportation of Data

The vehicle and customer data within the system can be easily extracted for use on other platforms. Feeds to third party sites can be dynamically generated allowing you to customise the feed to each site and when it is set.


Customer Mailing

All data gathered from the site can be grouped and analysed for marketing potential. Within Sonelle a marketing platform allows the customer data to be grouped by vehicle searched on, date search, enquiry date and postcode location. HTML mailing forms can be generated and all mailings tracked.


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